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Please note that this communication will be sent to all advisors with a valid Ontario Blue Cross® distributor code on July 8, 2021.
Dear valued partner,  

Disability, Monthly Indemnity, Overhead Expenses and Tangible benefits rate review

Despite our best efforts to keep insurance premiums unchanged over the past few years, we had to carry out a significant rate review.

The increase is due to several factors, specifically a prolonged period of historically low interest rates and an upward trend in disability incidences observed in recent years.  
Blue Vision® rate adjustment
Effective September 1, 2021, new business and in-force policies will have a rate adjustment for the following benefits:  
Global Plan, Express Plan, SME Plan and Association Program
Benefits Rate increase
Disability including Regular Occupation and Premium Refund (65) Contracts issued prior
to June 1, 2016: 12.5%
Contracts issued
on June 1, 2016
and after: 7.5% 
Overhead Expenses
Monthly Indemnity 7.5%
Express Monthly Indemnity
Accidental Plan
Disability 7.5% 

Transition guidelines
Applications signed before
September 1, 2021
Applications signed
as of September 1, 2021 and after
Received by September 15,
2021 inclusively
Received after September 15,
New rates
Current rates New rates  

The Blue Vision quotation tool (version 2.9.7) will be updated on September 1, 2021.
Termination of new sales of the Tangible® product line

Effective October 1, 2021, we will no longer accept new sales for the Tangible product line.

Please note that applications signed prior to October 1, 2021 and received by October 15, 2021 inclusively, will be processed.
For in-force contracts of the Tangible product line
Effective October 1, 2021, in-force policies will have a rate adjustment for the following benefits:
Benefits and options Rate increase
Disability – Hybrid Coverage 25% 
Life – Hybrid Coverage 10%
Critical Illness – Hybrid Coverage
Loss of Autonomy – Hybrid Coverage
Facility and Home Care* 15% 

* The initial premium is guaranteed for the first 5 years of insurance, in accordance with the contract.
Helpful tools
To assist you with helping your clients understand the above rate increases, please see the tools below.
  • Partners FAQ
    An FAQ to help you better answer your clients’ questions.
  • Summary of monthly renewals report
    You can view this report on your secured access of the Advisor Resources. It will be available every 10th of the month for renewals in the coming months. We suggest that you check it regularly to obtain the list of clients affected by the rate adjustment.
  • Communication to clients
    Existing clients will receive a letter 30 days prior to their contract renewal date.

Thank you for your continued support.
If you have any questions, please contact us:

GTA & Eastern Ontario
Bill Walker
C | P 416-986-3683

GTA, Southwestern Ontario & Golden Horseshoe
Roy Ehlermann
C | P 416-318-1462

GTA & Northern Ontario
Max Mahardi
C | P 416-802-9814

Inside Sales Representative
Barbara Manbahal
C | P 416-342-7703

Inside Sales Representative
Grant McCabe
C | P 416-342-7710

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